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Scanning & Archiving

You probably have many thousands of drawings in your archives. You need them, you regularly use them, but they take up lots of space and it takes time to find the one you want. This is a typical situation and we can provide a simple solution:-

We can scan your archive drawings, despeckle or deskew them, index them for ease
of retrieval and efficient EDM (Electronic Data Management) and then write them to CD
The CD we provide can be viewed at most PC workstations regardless of software and
you can print out the drawings if you wish, or load the drawings on to your central
database server. The drawings can then be accessed across your network subject to
your usual security passwords
By converting the drawings to PDF (Portable Document Format) we can show you how
to search across even the largest database for references to key words such as client
names, project names or drawing numbers. Retrieval is almost instantaneous even on
a basic PC or MAC

The CD can be taken off-site and viewed on laptops and the scanned files can be sent to remote locations anywhere in the world via e-mail / ISDN / ADSL.

We can create a Master copy of your CD and keep it for you in a secure place as a back-up copy or provide you with duplicate masters

We can print any drawings for you from this Master - just call us with the drawing
number or description
Whatever your requirements, call us and ask for our advice. We have years of
experience to optimise your Document Management and minimise your costs.

Once we have scanned a drawing to Raster / Dot format, it can then be vectorised back as a DXF or DWG file, and imported into your CAD package. Consider an extension to an existing building. Simply bring in an old plan and we will scan it, vectorise it and you can then add the extention without having to redraw the whole plan. For about £25 you could save two days work!

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