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ColourLink e-print

The ColourLink e-print optional database facility offers powerful storage, search and preview facilities over the Internet. Using a standard web browser, clients can search across multiple fields to locate drawings quickly and accurately. This database system provides centralised drawing storage, management & distribution.

ColourLink e-print Database
Key Features:
Optional add-on to Output e-print
Multiple database capability
Organise databases by project, client or any combination
Multiple field search facility
Remote drawing preview with A3/A4 local printing
Submit stored drawings for printing

Print from Database
Key Features:
Enables centralised, off-site drawing storage
Multiple databases if required
Search by any field
View remotely held drawings
Download remotely held drawing files to local PC
Download remotely held drawings for local A3/A4 printing
Create print jobs for output at bureau with full control of print parameters
Email notification of completed print jobs (optional)

ColourLink e-print provides individual usernames and passwords for all users within an organisation, enabling both you and our bureau to maintain highly accurate accounting data. You also have a choice of logging in by username or by project.

ColourLink e-print
Key Features:
Unique log-on and password
Simple browser-based print submission
No limit to number of users
Full job parameter control
Email notification of completed print jobs (optional)
Comprehensive print queue management

Scan to Remote Database
Key Features:
Scan drawings on site and index to remote database at bureau
Hard-copy drawings never need to leave site
Quality control of stored drawings maintained by client
Full indexing to multiple databases

Submit locally held drawings for printing at bureau
The ColourLink e-print allows you to use the Internet to connect to the bureau using nothing more than a standard web browser - such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. Once past a secure log-on, you are presented with an easy to use, highly intuitive web page where you select a drawing or set of drawings for print from your local machine or network. You then enter the desired output parameters such as quantity, scaling, media type and finishing, before submitting the job to the bureau for output.

Submit Local Drawings
Key Features:
Select output size
Select media type
Submit collated sets
Select folding options
Submit drawings for output (as sent only, no scaling etc.)
Email notification of completed print jobs (optional)
On-line print queue monitoring

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